UVA+B SunFriend® awarded “Game Changing” with its introductory product

College Park, Maryland, November, 2014 — SunFriend® Corporation recently won the Intel contest “For Game Changing Wearable Tech Ideas” in a contest promoted by Intel, the American multinational corporation.

The company received prized totaling about $10,000 including a celebratory trip to San Francisco to meet the Intel Team and meet other contestants and prize-winners.

“We have received numerous other awards, but the fact that this was from Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer is incredible”, said Karin Edgett, CEO. “Given the immense competition from other companies with life changing technologies means more to us than I can say. Intel obviously understands the seriousness of the danger of skin cancer, but equally recognizes the safely increasing the healthy amount of sun people get.”

The UVA+B SunFriend® is a wearable monitor to empower people who want to know when they have had a safer, healthier amount of sun – for avoiding sunburn while they reap the sun’s healthier benefits. SunFriend® is worn on the wrist. It is customizable from the most sensitive skin to the least sensitive. It takes frequent snapshots of the wearers UV Index (the amount of sun or ultraviolet radiation reaching them) and computes that information against the chosen sensitivity level and internationally recognized UV safely algorithms. Once the safer, healthier amount of sun has been reached, LED’s flash and the wearer can then use a chemical sun block, clothing or go indoors.

Studies show that the healthier benefits of the sun helps prevent or reduce high blood pressure, rickets, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and a host of conditions related to low levels of vitamin D from cancer to MS to Osteoporosis. Sun blocks, clothing, and staying in doors should not be the only options.

“Vitamin D has been all over the news lately with studies saying that nearly 70% of American are deficient, and over a billion world wide, primarily due to insufficient sun exposure.” said Edgett. “Skin cancer effects nearly 1 in 5 Americans, primarily due to over-exposure to the sun”. “SunFriend® is designed to help get enough sun to be healthyis there to monitor your intake of Vitamin D and let you know when you have received the appropriate amount for your skin type.”

SunFriend® was developed over a number of years by Edgett and NASA space scientist Shahid Aslam. Their concept also won first place in the NASA Techbriefs “Design The Future Contest” for consumer products category as well as the “most popular” vote.

SunFriend Corporation is a sensor technology company solving major healthy issues related to sun exposure based out of College Park, Maryland. The company is currently working on several other products for introduction in 2015.

SunFriend comes in five colors and can be purchased on Amazon.com, Amazon.uk, SunFriend.com, SunFriend.com.au, and various retailers listed on the SunFriend.com website. They will also be at CES January 2015.


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