Tips on how to use your SunFriend®

Did you know?

When you use sunscreen, you prevent beneficial ultraviolet B, which your body needs to make vitamin D, from penetrating the skin? There is a defined line between overexposure, which can lead to skin damage and even skin cancer, and underexposure, which often results in vitamin D deficiency.

UVA+B SunFriend® is the world’s first truly customizable activity monitor for safer daily UV exposure, utilizing technology based on internationally recognized scientific research. When used correctly, it measures personal daily UV exposure and alerts you when an optimal amount of UV is reached. Simply set SunFriend to your personal sensitivity level, based on skin type and color, then the rest of the work is done for you.


UVA+B SunFriend Instructions

    1. Turn on SunFriend to start daily dosage; the lights will power up around the dial.
    2. Select your Skin Sensitivity by holding down the Set Sens button. 1 is the lightest, and/or most sensitive skin and 11 is the darkest, and/or least sensitive skin.* The first five numbers of the SunFriend© Sensitivity Scale are for extra sensitive skin. We recommend starting with numbers 1-4. As you become familiar with your own sensitivity, adjust the number accordingly. If you experience reddening of the skin when your LED’s have lit up all the way, set your SunFriend® Skin Sensitivity to a lower number.
    3. Wear SunFriend face-up on your wrist throughout the day, making sure the face is unobscured by clothing. Check the Check UVA+B button from time to time to see how your dosage is accumulating.
    4. When all eleven of your LEDs light up and are Flashing, you have had your UV/Sun exposure for the day. It is time to apply sunscreen and/or sun-block clothing, or to go indoors.
    5. Turn off SunFriend© when you are not using it or to reset it for a new daily dosage accumulation. Hold the on/off button for at least 2 seconds, until the lights power down around the dial.
    6. See the instructional video for additional information.

Sensitivity Setting Chart – Start with numbers 1-4, and increase or decrease based on your experience. If your skin has reddened before the SunFriend flashes, lower your number! 


Please make sure you choose the correct sensitivity level. Setting your sensitivity level is a personal experience. Factors that affect you may include skin color, diet, activity type, medications, and regularity of sun exposure. If you set the number too high, you may see reddening of the skin. If this occurs, set your SunFriend Sensitivity to a lower number. When you are trying to get a safer, healthier amount of sun, you do not want the skin to redden. SunFriends are also not intended for use in tanning beds.

Instructions for checking the UV Index of the sun

  1. Align center of SunFriend directly with the sun for at least 10 seconds
  2. Press UVI button and wait for the light to indicate the UVI

Please note: The sensor takes a reading from your environment every 4 seconds, and also reads reflective UV. Pointing it directly at the sun for less than 8 seconds may not give you an accurate initial UVI reading, but that does not mean your SunFriend is not fully sensing all of the environmental UV you are being exposed to. Customized algorithms allow for varying movement, reflective UV, and actual weather conditions to provide you with an overall safer amount of UV exposure regardless of the UV Index reading you get from your SunFriend©.